Since January this year, when I was healed and thus opened to the cosmic truths, I’ve been having a lot of strange things happen to me. Coincidental, the sceptic might say, though I like to call it fate. The cosmic chain of events that lead up to this moment, and into the next.

I have so many of these I could start a book about it, but for now I’m going to share at least one such event.

It all started 5 years ago, when Ingerid (my soulmate’s mother) and her current boyfriend were alone in their house, sleeping. At 5-6 o’clock in the morning, they woke to a child singing. A girl. She described it as a child who had just managed to get the tune right, and were singing proudly the song she had just learned.

Skipping to about 2.5 years ago, she had a dream where she held a baby girl in her arms, and she told me she had a very familiar feeling. So she asked her in her dream who the girl was, and she said “You already know, I’m Anna!”

Since then, Anna has manifested herself several times, doing various mischief in their house, such as locking the bathroom door from the inside, etc. Now, I reconnected with my Maren (my soulmate) the 25th september this year, over facebook, so this has happened completely parallel to my path.

Anyway, a few days ago Maren told me about the dream that her mother had had so long ago, and asked me if anyone in my family were named Anna, and that’s my mother’s maiden name! So I decided to check up on this, and called my mother to tell her. My mother, being my mother and all, was of course very happy to know that there is a grandchild coming in the future, but when I told her about the name, she said she was named after her grandmother. My great grandmother’s name was Anna!

When she said that, I immediately got a rush of warmth through my body, and I knew it was her. So I called Ingerid and told her about it, and she felt the truth in it aswell. Then I got Maren on the phone again, and we just had to laugh.. I mean, seriously? 5 years ago? I’m going to call my grandmother tomorrow and see if there’s a lullaby or something that she can remember and see if it rings true with Ingerid too. Although I’m pretty sure I won’t have to.

The thought crosses my mind: Is this even possible?

Then again, I stopped believing in coincidences a while ago.. But this is pretty mindboggling. The only place I can seek confirmation of this is in my heart, and things have never felt so right.

I’ve been running away from myself for my entire life. I stopped running a month ago, and now I’ve been blessed with the life I never even dared to dream of for myself.

If there’s any conclusion to this: Follow your heart, and your dreams will come true.


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