Where to begin?

Here’s Johnny! Nah, just kidding. It’s me. I thought I’d follow up this lovely blog I decided to start writing. Blogging really has gotten my interest of late. I like sharing my experiences with those who might cross my path.

As for this post. I thought I’d do the most reasonable thing, and start where I started.
I downloaded a documentary in december sometime, but it wasn’t until after my healing experience that I decided to watch it. It was called Ancient Aliens, and it has a lot of old artwork. Everything from ancient cave paintings to “modern” paintings.
Since I can’t find it right now, I’ll move to my next subject, though I strongly recommend you download it.

I give you the work of Jason Martell. A brilliant man who has studied a lot of the ancient cultures, the works of very learned people, Zecharia Sitchin amongst them, aswell as a lot of the NASA stuff available.

And part 2.

Oh, and part 3.

Enjoy! The truth really is out there. šŸ™‚


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