The Quest Continues!

I’ve been so lazy as of late it’s not even funny. As of late? Understatement of the year.
I’m awesome at starting blogs it seems, but I suck at writing in them. I thought I’d write in this one though, because this is something that resonates with me.

Since this is my first really serious post I thought I’d give this blog a purpose other than its title.
I was awakened to the cosmic senses, the ether, spirit world, the other side, whatever you want to call it. I’m sure I’m naming a lot of different things now, but since my span of referenses is small (but growing!), that’s what I’ll call it for now.
I intend to write my own personal opinions, conclusions I’ve read from various discussions, aswell as the usual videos and articles from the internet.
As these are my opinions flavored by my perception of this “reality,” a lot of what I say may sound like utter crap. So be it. We’re all developing on all levels continually, and that includes me.
Basically, this is my story of what I perceive, and my experiences in this physical state.

So, to tell you a little about me. I’m originally Swedish, but since I was 19 I’ve lived in Norway.
I moved there with one of my best friends, looking for work. I was tired of school, my parents, sweden, society, me.. Just about everything basically. I needed a break, and I got one.
Moving to Norway is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself to date. People accepted me for who I was, and that boosted my confidence.
There’s really a lot of history that should be told here, but I don’t have all day, so I’ll have to get back to that some other time.
Jumping to january 2008. I was at a good friends’ house one evening. We were having a few beers, just having a good time talking about “old” times. I was at his place, but he had a stop to make later so we went there together as we both knew the person he was going to meet.
A colleague since a few years back. We hadn’t spoken in a year or so, so the natural question arose.
“What are you working with now?” She said she was a healer, so naturally I put her to the test. :p
She put her hands on my head.. At first I didn’t feel anything, so I asked “are you going to control me now?” She immediately replied “No, this time you’re going to control me.”
This startled me, and I thought “How am I supposed to do that?” so I relaxed, and just let myself feel everything.
Almost right away my hands and feet started bubbling underneath, and my head felt warm. After sitting like that for a minute or two she put her hands on my shoulders, along each side of the spine, and the bubbling sensation was even more intense.

Then she removed her hands from my shoulders..

At that same instant, I lost eyesight for a couple of seconds, I gasped for air like I had never breathed before, and I felt this … ball.. of something go out my spine. I felt it pass through this “membrane” around me, and then I felt like a pop. It was like a bubble burst around me. When I finally could see again I looked at her and asked “What was that?” She just smiled and nodded and said some people react differently. She later told me that nobody had had such a profound effect fom her healings. It was as if my being was busted open to a whole new range of sensations.

The following weeks I started feeling really weird. Suddenly my hands and feet would start “bubbling” all of a sudden. I’d start sweating for no particular reason.
I was filled with static electricity, much to the dismay of my friends. :p
So anyway, I gave my healing friend a call and told her I’d been feeling very weird. She asked “Do you have ADHD?” I said yeah, and she said “I think you have the gift too.”
And that’s how it all began. Now I have probably around 500 hours of reading/listening/watching documentaries regarding everything from Pyramids to NWO conspiracies. :p

So that’s my introduction to the cosmos. The most powerful spiritual experience I’ve had so far.

The rest of my story will follow in later posts. If anyone is reading this, feel free to comment. 🙂


2 Responses to “The Quest Continues!”

  1. Beautiful.

    Got the shivers reading, wanting to feel Love spread throughout my own system as I connected with what was happening to you, even though you originally come from Sweden.

    (OK, so you don’t like ethnic jokes. I’m Greek, and get the “butt” of jokes where ever I go)

    What do you think happened? I know. I should read some more. But, let me share one thing. I felt I had a mystical experience at a funeral in October. Started this blog and came out of my old life, proclaiming “love” from the rooftops, not caring what people in my old profession or way of life would say about me.

    They too can join this path I found. Can they find as much bliss as I have located? Inside of me, not out there?

    You understand. You have it, according to the little exposure I have had of your writings.

    Norway. Now that is a Land of Mystery and Spiritual Awakening.

    I am floating and never want to return to the ground. A post like yours, an opening of the heart like you did, can do that to people some time.

    do me again next time.

    I don’t care how long it takes (the post, that is. Hey, I finally finished the rest of the story. I envy John. He gets to be there to help interpret your dreams!)

    Michael J

  2. Haha. I don’t mind any kind of jokes anymore. Self irony is something I’ve always kept close to heart, even closer now. 🙂 I think we are all on this path, but each is unique, and we each have to take our own steps. I’m not sure exactly what happened that night, but what I do know is that before that I was a “see it to believe it” kind of guy. That experience turned me into a knower. It also exposed me to a sensitivity I had blocked all my life, but I somehow always knew I had.

    I’m very glad that you enjoy my posts, and I promise you that I will never write from any other place than my heart. Thank you so much for reading.

    Namaste, Martin

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